When you stand at the altar on your wedding day, what assurance will you have that your marriage will last your lifetime?

Marriage works is a six-part pre-marriage course that can be completed on its own or (for maximum benefit) with a mentor couple .

It is aimed at couples who are either seriously dating with the intention of getting engaged and married, or who are already engaged to be married. It will give you many keys to how you can make your marriage last your lifetime, as it has for hundreds of couples already!

Even newly-weds and couples getting married for the second time will benefit from this course.

You start with a FREE no-obligation online questionnaire. When you finish it, you'll receive an email containing a report that shows which of your answers indicated you have things to talk over with each other and resolve before your wedding.

You then have the option of:

1. Getting married with no further input from Marriage Works.

2. Ordering your Couples Pack (detailed on our Resources page) for your personal use and working through the material together with your fiancee or partner.

3. Working through the material with a married mentor couple. This is the best way to get the most benefit from the programme and it only takes one night a week for six weeks.

If you attend LIFE and would like us to arrange your mentors, fill in the online form and leave us a message (be sure to include your email address).

If you do not attend LIFE, you can order the Couples Pack and the Mentor Pack and arrange your own mentors.

So why not take the first step and complete the FREE questionnaire now?

Owen & Pamela

Owen & Pamela Blackburn

Authors of Marriage Works